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In addition to the insightful and thought provoking keynote sessions, the Energy Networks Innovation Conference and networking event features a track dedicated to Electricity. 

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Tuesday 12 October 2021


Asset performance: optimisation

11:15 Welcome

Mark Dunk, Head of Engineering, Energy Networks Association

11:20 Future control room

Looking at how and what vendors are in the market for future room control stimulators, that are evolved yet cost efficient
Matthew Hamilton, Project Manager - Future Networks, Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks

11:35 NeSTS: New Suite of Transmission Structures

Learning and updates from the New Suite of Transmission Structures project will be presented, including an update on the status of its trial OHL construction.
Tim Sammon, R&D Project Manager, Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks

11:50 Advanced weather forecasts for dynamic line rating

  • Anusha Arva, Innovation Engineer, National Grid ET
  • Ian Pearman, Senior Scientist, Met Office
  • Frederick Brauer, Strategic Account Manager, Met Office

12:05 EDGE-FCLi: The Cutting EDGE of Fault Level Limiting Technology

  • The problem we are trying to solve and motivation for carrying out the network trial.
  • The solution – EDGE-FCLi technology and how it operates to limit fault level infeed from Distributed generation.
  • The main performance results that have been observed from the testing and trial data analyses.
  • Main learning that has been recorded from our project experiences with the technology.

Daniel Hardman, Senior Electrical Engineer, GHD (on behalf of Western Power Distribution)

12:20 Boston spa project

Northern Powergrid

12:35 Constraint Management

Advanced Modelling for Network Planning under Uncertainty project is helping us to better advise National Grid Electricity Transmission, Scottish Power Transmission and Scottish Hydro Electric Transmission on where their proposed projects and improvements to the network will have the most impact, based on the possible outcomes of different future scenarios.

Optimal Coordination of Active Network Management Schemes and Balancing Services Market project is looking at optimally coordinated design approach between ANM schemes and balancing services markets - it is critically important to ascertain and understand the synergies and conflicts associated with the potential for ANM schemes in networks inhibiting the delivery of ESO system support services through DER.

Tolulope Esan, Power Systems Engineer, National Grid ESO
Thomas Petty, Economics Engineer, National Grid ESO

12:50 Chair’s closing remarks

Mark Dunk, Head of Engineering, Energy Networks Association

Wednesday 13 October 2021


Electric vehicles: the scale-up

9:30 Welcome

Randolph Brazier, Director of Innovation and Electricity Systems, Energy Networks Association

09:45 Electrification of transport: charge

Charge will, for the first time, merge transport and electricity network planning to create an overarching map of where EV charge points will be required and where they can be best accommodated by the electricity grid.
Alistair Oldfield, SP Energy Networks

10:15 Equal EV

Investigating and improving enablers and barriers for EV adoption for people with disabilities to ensure a just and smart transition.

Victoria Murchie, Stakeholder and Communications Manager, and Kate Jones, Project Manager – Innovation Strategy, Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks

10:15 Shift: insights on smart charging (LIVE)

Facilitating the electrification of transport is central to our role as an electricity network and a key enabler in achieving Net Zero in the UK. We forecast the number of electric vehicles (EVs) on our network to increase to up to 4.5 million over the next 10 years. Join this presentation to learn more about UK Power Networks’ flagship market-led smart charging trial, including detailed results from our three live trials testing smart charging approaches with hundreds of domestic participants.

Carol Choi, Senior Innovation Analyst, UK Power Networks

10:30 Panel: What do the networks need to do next to support the electrification of transport?

  • How to efficiently install, operate and maintain rapid charge points throughout the country?
  • Collaborating with stakeholders to develop the systems, network solutions and capability to enable the transition to eTransport
  • Future requirements for major fleet owners

Randolph Brazier, Director of Innovation and Electricity Systems, Energy Networks Association

Thore Muerer, Senior Fleet Director Europe, DHL Express
Garry Birmingham, Programme Director, First Bus Company
Richard Hartshorn, EV Readiness Manager, Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks

10:55 Wrap-up

Randolph Brazier, Director of Innovation and Electricity Systems, Energy Networks Association

Thursday 14 October 2021


Digital transformation

13:00 Welcome

Steven Gough, Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks

13:05 NeRDA: Near-real time data access

Real time data sharing for DNOs, considered specifically where local energy plans are being developed.
This data is collated via technology connecting system to system.
Fraser Macintyre, Knowledge Analyst and Nigel Bessant, Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks

13:20 Quest (LIVE)

Maurice Lynch, Program Manager, Electricity North West

13:35 Interface: an NIA project on connectivity (LIVE)

Electricity North West

13:50 Envision: taking data to the next level (LIVE)

Envision is developing a software-based machine learning tool that will generate greater Low Voltage (LV) network insights faster and cheaper compared to traditional methods of physical monitoring. Join our experts to find out how we’re upgrading our network visibility to facilitate Net Zero future.
Rob Greenoak, Innovation Programme Manager, UK Power Networks

14:05 Q&A and polling panel

14:30 Wrap-up

Steven Gough, DSO Technical Authority, Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks

Asset management: maintenance innovation

15:00 Welcome

Paul Black, Systems Engineering Manager, Northern Powergrid

15:05 Smart hammer + Thor hammer

With industry focused firmly on Net Zero, we’re seeing increased demand on the electricity network. While we drive forward innovation, decarbonisation and modernisation around that increased demand, maintaining the stability and security of supply is still our number one priority – and that includes maintaining the health of our assets. 

Join the SP Energy Networks and Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks teams and their partners to hear more about two complimentary innovative projects developing devices that enable consistent and accurate measurement and assessment of wood pole asset conditions at varying stages of our asset inspection processes.

Kevin Dennis, Innovation Project Manager, Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks
Greg Shirley, Innovation Engineer, SP Energy Networks

15:25 Centralock

Northern Powergrid

15:40 Assessing wearable technology applications for transmission operation and design

This project assessed wearable technology with augmented reality (AR) for our operations. HoloLens2 is wearable technology featuring an AR lens that operates via wireless communication. Team members can wear the lens from home or the substation to interact with contextual data and show others what they’re seeing – equipment, objects and documents. Remote users can also remotely assist and convey information, instructions and guides to colleagues at work on site in real time.

Simon Orr, Senior Product Development Engineer, National Grid Electricity Transmission

15:55 LiCase

National Grid ET

16:10 Innovation benefits

Northern Powergrid

16:25 Wrap-up

Friday 15 October 2021


Asset modernisation: power electronics

14:15 Welcome

James Yu, Future Networks Manager, SP Energy Networks

14:20 DC Share: Exploring the benefits of DC connections and meshed networks

  • Initial concept
  • Customer value proposition
  • Network design philosophy
  • Progress to date
  • Learning to date on infrastructure, network design and the customer proposition

Paul Morris, Innovation Engineer, Western Power Distribution

14:35 LV engine: smart transformers

LV Engine is deploying a novel smart transformer onto UK distribution networks. This presentation will share the journey of the detailed design of the smart transformer and progress of the trial sites for the project.
Dr Ali Kazerooni, LV Engine Technical Lead, SP Energy Networks
Michael Eves, LV Engine Technical Lead, SP Energy Networks

14:50 Active Response: unlocking electric vehicles with power electronics

Join project lead Luca Grella for detailed insights on the £18.3 million Network Innovation Competition project. 2021 is the year of live installations for Active Response; which is trailing a responsive, automated electricity network that reconfigures itself to unlock capacity for electric vehicles. Luca will take you through some of the project’s key takeaways, including its use of state-of-the-art software and power electronic devices.
Luca Grella, Innovation Project Lead, UK Power Networks

Network resilience for the energy systems transition

15:05 Microresilience

Northern Powergrid

15:20 System Stability

Djaved Rostom, Power Systems Engineer and Jonathan Barcroft, Data Scientist – ESO Lab, National Grid ESO

15:35 Wrap-up

James Yu, Future Networks Manager, SP Energy Networks