Northern Ireland Electricity Networks LV Active Network Management Scheme

Cormac will be presenting a poster on NIE Networks’ LV Active Network Management (ANM) project at ENIC21. The project evaluates ANM to overcome constraints and defer traditional network reinforcement. Kelvatek LV circuit breakers and switches are being utilised alongside intelligent autonomous control, which will manage the LV network configuration to maximise utilisation and mitigate network challenges.

ANM acts pre-emptively to prevent network overloads and can restore networks and customers automatically after a fault. The network is monitored in real-time via SCADA communications, combined with forecasting and modelling. ANM allows consumers to be connected quickly and cheaply, facilitates DG, and manages LCTs on the network, all while reducing capital spend.

Speaker profile

Cormac is part of NIE Networks’ Future Networks team responsible for delivering innovation projects focused on network automation and flexibility services and has previously spent time in primary network design.

Why Attend ENIC?

The ENIC conference is the only event of its kind, designed to bring together energy network innovators and decision makers from across the UK. You’ll hear from top speakers in the industry and be able to meet your peers as well as visit an exhibition hall packed with companies offering cutting edge solutions.

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